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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

93 percent IT corporate employees are sad

Around 93 percent of corporate Bangalore is unhappy at work, with most of the employees showing signs of not being happy. A health risk assessment study, HealthTrac, reveals that most of these employees show moderate signs of being sad.

The study conducted by PeopleHealth, a Bangalore-based health management organization surveyed 2,106 employees of seven leading IT firms in the city, 85 percent of the respondents being in the 25-35 age group. A general reaction from the employees is that they feel the pinch when they have to work with uncooperative colleagues or managers, reports DNA.

"We run Employee Assistance Programmes in corporate houses, where a majority of complaints that we receive is either related to personal relationships or relations with colleagues. A hostile work atmosphere or a rude boss creates more unhappiness than not getting a promotion, pay hike or on site job offer," said G Krishnamurthy, CEO, PeopleHealth.

The employees were clinically and personally evaluated in the study. Clinical evaluation included a normal health check, including blood pressure, body mass index, and cardiac and diabetic risk. The personal evaluation included sleep duration and hours spent traveling to and from office, explains Krishnamurthy.

Close to six percent of the participants admitted to suffering from stress and depression. But mostly, the study found the unhappiness among the employees was due to a combination of long hours of traveling, hostile work atmosphere and almost zero social interaction. 

I think if such surveys are conducted in other cities, the results will be very much similar.

So, after all the hard-work you do since your childhood to gain knowledge and wisdom in schools and colleges to get a good lucrative job and live happily with a family of yours. . . you will end up being sad at the end of the day. And no need to mention the side-effects of this sadness.

Seriously, Where are we heading yaar? Can't we just live and let others live happily?

(i thank siliconindia news bureau)


Anonymous said...

Really good post

Hepsiba said...

really nice one skMobeen.

i liked ur point of living and letting others live HAPPILY...

i feel sumtyms like...we're behaving more like animals and less like humans... this must change

Prerna said...

i too saw many IT professional and i completely agree wid ur post...they earn hall a lot of money, spend it like water, make a show off of it, invest money, buy properties BUT THEY ARE NOT HAPPY....some times i feel farming is the best occupation to get into.

poornachandra rao said...

farming......?? LOL!!!!!

this a very serious and good post...ev1 shud think abt it

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